Daily Jars

Eating healthy has never been so easy. 

Including Weekly Options Made with Gluten-Free Ingredients & Free of Dairy, Refined Sugar, Soy & Peanuts.

All of our ingredients are listed in full to help our customers select options best suited to their dietary needs. 

Click here to see a list of locally sourced ingredients used in the production of last week’s orders

How it Works

Place Your Order
Make your meal selections online by midnight on Wednesday

We Go To Work
We do the shopping, cooking and cleaning to prepare your food fresh 

Delivery or Pick-Up
Choose delivery - or pick-up at Good Foods Grocery on Monday

Enjoy ready-to-eat meals throughout the week

Why Choose Us?

Thoughtfully Sourced
We source quality ingredients including both local and organic produce. This leaves you with food that tastes fresh and simply delicious 
Additive & Hormone Free
We only use meat that is free of hormones and antibiotics from free range suppliers. All dairy is free of BST growth stimulant hormones and antibiotics. 
Locally Owned & Operated
As a part of Good Foods Grocery, we prepare your meals fresh each week in our local kitchen, before delivering it to you. Your food does not have to travel far to get to your home, making us a fresher + a more sustainable option.

What Our Customers Have To Say

"Daily Jars is a lifesaver! I can count on healthy, delicious meals and can easily justify the price. I would normally fail to bring lunch to work and it would result in me eating poorly and spending unnecessarily. I would highly recommend Daily Jars!" - Taylor A.

"I absolutely love these meals! Taste, quality, and convenience all in one! After working all day it's great to have incredibly healthy options waiting there in the fridge for us. We feel great on these meals and they have really simplified our lives!" - Brittany M.